Its already March and spring time is in our near future.  The JCCOA Jefferson Center is taking donations for our Christmas basket raffle and would greatly appreciate donations for our school basket and our Zen basket.  Some ideas are packs of paper, folders, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, a yoga mat, relaxation CD’s, candles, or anything you think would make our baskets enjoyable to whomever wins it. 

Purchasing tickets for our raffle is extremely easy and affordable.  You can pick up a ticket for $10 at the JCCOA Senior Center or at the JCCOA Jefferson Center.  Each ticket will give you a chance to win one of the many baskets that we raffle off in December.  Also, if you do win a basket, your ticket goes right back in the drawing box and you have a chance to win another one.  How can you beat that price for all those chances? 


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What We Have to be Thankful For: Our 2018 Year in Review

We have a lot to be Thankful for this year at the Jefferson Center.

Some of our favorite moments of the year are reflected in the photographs below.

Special thanks to: Frank Roach and all the volunteers at the National Fish Hatchery for providing a fun outdoor environment to fish and picnic; to the entire staff at the Senior Center for all the fun events; to Dr. Bert and the Precious Memories band for bringing the gift of music into our lives; and to our consumers and their families for teaching us how to truly enjoy life and for all the blessings large and small they share with us every day.

Making Stone Soup in January

 Making Chocolate dipped Strawberries in February

Fishing at the National Fish Hatchery in May and September


Enjoying Live Music at the Senior Center With Dr. Bert and the Precious Memories Band

Visiting our Friends at Jefferson High School in May

Picking Cherries at Orr’s Farm Market in June

1920’s Gangster Party at the Senior Picnic in September

Talent Show and Awards Ceremony in September

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Fall Weather

We would like to once again remind you that it is the time of year where it is starting to get a little cooler outside so you may want to bring in a light weight jacket or sweater for your loved ones. Please be sure to mark their items with their name or initials.

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New Staff

Meghan Thompson

We’d like to give a big warm welcome to Ms. Meghan.  She started working with us last month and has become a part of the Jefferson Center family. She is a little quiet but she is a very hard worker when it comes to getting things done in and around the center. In Meghan’s free time she enjoys going to the ball field to cheer on her little sister who plays baseball.

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Lending a Helping Hand Achievement Award

Achievement Awards

We are pleased to announce our achievement award winners this month for Lending a Helping Hand.

With outstanding volunteerism and the motivation to always help, even when no one asks.

With great pleasure we announce that:

Willy R.

Jacob L.

Will S.

have achieved something great!

Lending a Helping Hand Achievement Award

Lending a Helping Hand Achievement Award

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Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, JCCOA Jefferson Center will operate under the Jefferson County School System for closings and delays due to winter road conditions.  This does not include any other closings of delays, only those delay that are caused by hazardous driving conditions due to winter precipitation.


If Jefferson County Schools are operating on a one or two hour delay due to winter road conditions, JCCOA Jefferson Center will be operating on the same delay.


If Jefferson County Schools are under early dismissal or closed due to winter road conditions, JCCOA Jefferson Center will do the same.


If your transportation services are provided through JCCOA, you will need to make different transportation arrangements for days with delays and early dismals.  The JCCOA will not pick up clients on a one/two hour delay but will drop them off in the afternoon.  On days of early dismissal due to winter road conditions guardians are responsible for picking up clients.  If your transportation services are provided through JCCOA, you will need to pick up the client at the JCCOA Jefferson Center.


If the JCCOA Jefferson Center will be operation on a delayed schedule or closed, the voice message on 304.728.1076 will be updated to include this information.  For early dismissal guardians will be notified by phone to pick up the client.  You can also listen to your local news/radio station to learn of delays and closures for Jefferson County Schools.


Please be sure to be proactive during this time of year, if they are calling for a storm and you use JCCOA transportation services please be sure you can make arrangement for early pick up in case of early dismissal.


Closures outside of the Jefferson County School year

In case of a closure outside of the Jefferson County School year due to weather/power outage, the JCCOA Jefferson Center voice message on 304.728.1076 will be updated to include this information.  When possible guardians will also receive a phone call to inform them of closures when outside of the Jefferson County School year.

Thank You,

Haley Laird

JCCOA Jefferson Center Director





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New Staff: David Bynane

The JCCOA Jefferson Center would like to welcome our new staff, David Bynane. David, a single father of two, joined us at the end of November and arrived just in time to help us celebrate the holidays. He is a busy man and also works in our In Home Health Department, though he always makes time for family and friends. He has a great sense of humor and keeps us laughing and happy all day long.

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In the news this month we are gearing up for Halloween We will be going to the Senior Center to watch a SCARY MOVIE.  We are  going to Wilson’s Wild Animal Park to see & feed the animals and we will be going on a hay ride and picking a pumpkin as well.We also will be going to the Senior Center for a Halloween party / Costume party and to hear the Precious Memories Band. We are ready to get are scare on for the month of October.

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Jefferson County Fair


Please come out and support us at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds from 8/20/17 until 8/26/17.  We will be selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a charcoal grill filled with grilling goodies.  The winner will also receive a cooler that has extras in it also.  The tickets are 1 for $1 and 6 tickets for $5.

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Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a group of neurodevelopmental disorders with symptoms presenting in early childhood and persisting throughout the lifespan. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5 ASDs are characterized by “repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities,” and “persistent deficits in social communication and interaction.”

Symptoms of ASD are categorized by severity in 3 levels ranging from Level 1- requiring support to Level 3- requiring very substantial support. In the past diagnoses of Asperger Syndrome, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified were considered separate disorders, however these diagnoses are now classified as Autism Spectrum Disorders.

ASD is also commonly diagnosed in conjunction with other disorders or illnesses including but not limited to: ADD, ADHD, anxiety, bi-polar, seizure disorder, sensory processing problems, OCD, depression, and intellectual disability.

Treatment for ASD comes in many forms and is most commonly tailored for each individual and may include medication and engagement in social services as well as behavioral and cognitive training and supports.

It is important to remember that no two people with ASD are alike and that symptoms vary across individuals. ASD is a lifelong diagnosis for which there is no cure. However, with treatment and training some symptoms may lessen. Depending on the severity of symptoms, and with the appropriate supports and treatments in place, individuals with ASD can live independently and work in the community. For more information, see the references section below.



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