Working Hard on Homemade Mother’s and Father’s Day Gifts!

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In Person Mothers Day Craft

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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Project Time!

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Crafting Time (Virtually and In-Person)

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Fun at the JCCOA Jefferson Center

Check out our AWESOME Tye Dye!

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Zooming with our Friend Dr. Bert!


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Come ZOOM with US it’s ALWAYS fun!























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Messages to our Friends!


IMG_7117[1]20200528_111702IMG_7092[1]IMG_7091[1]IMG_7090[1]IMG_7089[1]20200527_191626cdIMG_7319Trisha is showing off all her work she has been doing. Good Job Trisha!Trisha is showing off all her work she has been doing. Good Job Trisha!



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