Private Pay

Private Pay is based on the needs of the individual applicant. Two (2) hour minimum required for the program.

The fee schedule is:
Monday-Friday (8am-4pm): $16.00 per hour
Monday-Friday (after 4pm and weekends): $17.60 per hour.
JCCOA recognized holidays: $20.00 per hour
Mileage for errands included on Plan of Care: $0.47 per mile.
Initial Nursing Assessment (waived once services are started): $113.00 per visit
Annual Nursing Assessment (once per year): $113.00 per visit
Post Hospital Assessment (fee is assessed only if the Plan of Care requires changes) $113.00 per visit
Interest (will be charged at a monthly rate of 0.83% for all overdue outstanding balances): 10% annually.



For more information on the Private Pay program, please contact the JCCOA Main Line at 304-725-4044.


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